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West Richland Real Estate

West Richland began as cowboy town of sagebrush and river willow, located in Oregon territory.  And as the Tri-City area of southeastern Washington has enjoyed a huge science and tech industry boom, West Richland has also experienced positive growth, but has retained its old-time charm.

Its location near the Columbia River brings with it all of the wonderful recreational opportunities you’d expect to find.  There is little you can’t do on or near the water, including boating, water-skiing, and enjoying an afternoon in one of the many parks on the rivershore.  And sunny, warm days are the norm here, with 300 days of sunshine annually.

At a population of 13,000, West Richland is a smaller town than its cousins, the Tri-Cities.  But the community is vibrant and growing, with a solid economic base and open living space. The average household income here is significantly higher than the state median, but the cost of living is lower than elsewhere in Washington.  And that value is seen in the housing market.  A few buildable lots can be found, but mostly the buyers looking for a single-family home will find what they need here, at a wide range of affordable prices.

Like the river it borders, West Richland is quietly moving ahead, but knows where it came from.  Keep the dream.  Live it, in West Richland.